Before Bettie Page There Was Kevin Daley

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog , today I’ll be sharing with you the beautiful photos and all I know about this gorgeous yet unknown pin up girl.

I’ve always been fascinated by vintage pin up girls,because of their beauty and sex appeal so in my free time I like doing a little research on the topic , It’s amazing how much you can find online by only typing a couple of words …In one of my regular searches for some 40’s pin up pictures in google I came across a picture of a beautiful girl that resembled Bettie Page alot, her name was Kevin Daley. There’s not much info about this mysterious pin up girl with the vixen blunt bangs and dark hair , all I came up with from my endless online searches was that Kevin was modeling in the 1940’s and appeared in a few girlie Magazine covers at that time. There’s some pictures online of Kevin contributed as Bettie Page because of the obvious similarity of the shoots and uncanny resemblence but to my surprise she predated Bettie Page.
I wish she would get more credit for her beautiful pictures and career and I really hope to find more info about her,for my readers I plan to follow up with my with my findings stay tuned!

Here are all the photos I found, I hope you like them.















The Nudes…


Kevin Daley 006 01



Without the bangs…

0023 E 03

0023 I 08

Here’s Kevin Daley in some Magazine covers and content.


Kevin Daley-MissArmyDay1949


s-l225 (1)


tumblr_ly45wotCMA1qabj53o8_500 (2)



I hope you enjoyed these beautiful photos, until next time.

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A Late Review of the February Glossybox

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog,sorry about the late review but for some reason my Glossybox deliver was kind of late this month , well ,I’ve been wanting to review the Glossybox for a long time I just never seemed to stop procrastinating until now . This is a very interesting and fun monthly box for all makeup lovers and entusiasts ,for $21.00 a month you can get up to $100 worth the make up in a box. I’ve had my subscription for over a year already and it has really helped me to discover products that I love and several have become my favorites .Before you start your susbcription you got to answer some questions about your personal makeup taste ,hair color , complexion ,etc. Each box includes 5 high end beauty products, 3 full sized products and the other 2 luxury samples, but even though each box is supposed to be tailored according to your style and taste the items you receive each month are pretty much the same for everyone , there’s certain variations in makeup colors or fragances depending on the product or other times other people would get mascara and others eyeliner as I said it varies sometimes,each box includes a card with information about the products you are getting. Today I’ll be showing you the February 2016 box ,it’s a Valentine’s Day themed box and I’m pretty happy with all the items I got :).


This month’s box contains:

GLAMGLOW thirstycleanse daily hydrating cleanser. With mud and pure green coconut water rinses away make up and dirt while hydrating your face. This is the third Glamglow product I’ve gotten in a box so far and I absolutely love these products. The texture is a bit weird but it really helps removing any makeup residue from your face leaving it smooth and refreshed . (This product is included in every box this month.)

Full size $39.00/5FL.OZ.


The second product included in everybox is Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional face primer,evens skin tone and blurs imperfections .I’ve been curious about this product for awhile so I was so very happy to get it .It did a very good job at hiding my pores , made my skin soft and kept my makeup looking fresh all day long.

Full size $31.00/.75FL.oz.


Here’s me wearing the Benefit the Porefessional face primer.


The third product I’m not sure if it varies in each box but mine included a BIOREPUBLIC SKINCARE pomegranate sheet mask ,this korean skincare inspired product is infused with natural extracts and vitamin E.Claims to hydrate and promote healthy skin.This is the second or third time the glossybox includes one of these masks and I absolutely love them.This product really does what it claims to do. It left my skin feeling clean , refreshed and very supple .

Full DSCF1753.JPGsize $5.00/1 mask 

The 4th product in this box was the Être Belle Cosmetics Golden skin roll-on caviar eye gel,claims to erase signs of fatigue by firming and resuscitating tired skin around the eyes.As many other products this is another brand that has been already included in pasts glossyboxes and it’s one of my favorites.It made my undereye area look refreshed and diminished my dark circles ,I really recommend this product to anyone with undereye issues,this product really works .

Full size $45.00/5FL. oz.


Here’s a picture of myself after trying the BioRepublic sheet mask and the  Être Belle Cosmetics Golden skin roll-on caviar eye gel.I was very pleased with the results.


The last but not least product in this february box is the TEEEZ COSMETICS oasis gem lipstick in heat wave ruby .This is a limited edition berry-hued red lipstick is soft on the lips very pigmented and long lasting ,this is my favorite product in the february box ,left my lips hydrated and stayed on for hours even after eating and drinking. There’s nothing I love more than a rich red lipstick and I think there’s no such thing as having too many red lipsticks ,I’m always excited to try a new red lipstick .There’s hundreds of red shades to try and experiment with,the possibilities are endless.

Full Size $22.00/1 piece


I’m loving this berry red lipstick,It’s so perfect, such a shame is limited edition 😦



I hope you liked this little review ,thanks for stopping by , until next time.

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Pin curls for vintage hair made easy with the help of a great little tool


In this post I would like to review and share how I’ve been styling my hair for over a year already. I’ve used the flat and curling iron for years, but I never seemed to get the desired vintage wave and style I was aiming for . I’ve already done my research about pincurls and experimented with them but it was always the same result ,uneven and deformed curls that looked nothing but unattractive .I kept digging deeper looking for answers online about how to get a good or at least decent pincurl set until I came across this magnificent little tool that has saved my hair and me from alot of time and trouble “The Sculpture Pin curl tool”

the “Sculpture pin curl tool” box set includes :

– 1 Sculpture Pin Curl Tool

– 50 page instructional booklet detailing pin curls and how to style them

– Frameable poster with 80 inspirational vintage hairstyle ideas

Here are some pictures so you can see what the kit includes.



Up next I’m going to show you how to achieve a pincurl set that will give you uniform vintage waves and will last for up to five days.What you will need to create this look is :

-The sculpture pin curl tool

-Spray bottle

-Setting lotion (optional)I like to use Lottabody for long lasting curls

-Duck bill clips

-Hair spray of your choice

-Silky or chiffon hair scarf

-Wide tooth comb and paddle brush

-Rat tail comb or brush

-Hair serum or pomade


After you have all your items gathered start by mixing your setting lotion 2 to 3 parts water to 1 lottabody (if this is what you’re using)in your spray bottle.

I like to start with clean dry hair ,preferably after a day of washing .I find that the curl sets better after a day or two after washing,part it in the middle or the side based on your preference and get ready to begin.


Don’t mind my frizzy hair in the picture above …

Start on the front of your head dividing a small square section of hair of about 1″and a half to 2″ wide (the smaller the section of hair,the tighter the curl).Proceed to spray hair with the setting lotion solution.Spray your hair twice,your hair doesn’t need to be soaked only damp.


Once your hair section is damp is time to grab your “sculpture pin curl tool”(for this wave I will be using the biggest side of the pin curler) .

photocatcurler (1)

Start rolling your hair in an inward motion all the way to the top of your head and clip it in place.


Continue sectioning and curling hair alternating inward and outward motions all the way to the top and pining the curl in place,repeat this process until you’re done with the rest of your hair .


Here’s a picture below so you can get an idea of the curling motions to follow in order to get this wave style.


Once all your hair is curled and pinned in place proceed to spray it ,don’t go overboard with hairspray because once the clips are removed your hair will be crunchy and harder to brush out. Allow hairspray to set in your hair for like 15 minutes (to stop hair scarf from getting sticky)continue by putting your hair scarf on covering all the pin curls keeping them in place.Allow curls to dry and set for about 6 to 8 hours if possible , and remember that the hair has to be completely dry before removing the clips.

photocatspray (1)-horz

After the time’s up and your hairs completely dry begin removing clips one by one starting on the back of your head working your way around to the front,your hair will resemble Shirley Temple’s but that will only mean you did a good job.


The brush out can get kind of frustrating at first ,start by breaking the curls by running your fingers throught your hair,you should start seeing the first signs of frizz all over ,this is when you should start combing your hair with the wide tooth comb a section at a time,you will notice that the more you comb the frizzier your hair gets but don’t panic !!! All of this is part of the process just be very patient and keep on brushing!

photocatfrizz (1)

After combing your hair for awhile and the curls and frizziness are tamed for the most part you will still see some frizziness on your hair ,this is when I recommend as a final step to brush hair with a bristle brush to help taming frizz,to finish it off rub a small amount of pomade or serum between your hands and smooth on hair .


As final result you should have retro inspired waves and shiny  hair.

photocatfinal (2)

I hope this little tutorial helps you if you are curious about pin curls or if you are looking for different heat free hair styling options,please feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think about this tutorial or contact me if you have any questions,until next time.

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My Retro Little Life


In this first blog entry I wanted to talk about me and the stuff I like to do so you all get to know me a little better .I’m an introverted girl who likes to daydream and believes she was born in the wrong era . I love everything from the 20’s to the 60’s ,life seemed so much simpler and better before technology took over and if I start talking about the fashion and glamour of those times this entry would be endless .


One of the many things I enjoy doing is sewing my own clothes ,I like the freedom you have when going to the fabric shop and picking your own fabric ,I normally go to the store with an idea of what I want to sew in mind ,I picture the dress , top,skirt,etc and the fabric and color that would look good according to the design I want to make.I love the little details that you can incorporate in a garment to make it unique and only yours that’s why I would like to encourage people to sew their own garments ,it really pays off at the end you got clothes that will fit you better than anything you’ve ever buy and styles that scream, “you”! With all this being said doesn’t mean you have to make all these complicated patterns to make something unique,you can use the same pattern to sew many many things ,what you add or take off and as I stated before the little details is what makes the real difference when making your own garments.Of course there’s things to keep in mind like before sewing think of something you will really feel comfortable wearing for example if you don’t like showing cleavage it would be completely pointless to make a strappless dress or top ,this is one of the reasons why I started sewing because I never seemed to be completely happy with the clothing I bought ,I would always have fitting issues for being so petite and I refused to pay fortunes for petite clothes because for some reason petite clothes are usually more expensive than regular sizes ,another big issue I got was that all the clothes available at the store always showed too much or too little skin for my taste.So in addition if you decide start making your own clothes ,don’t give up ,there’s nothing easy at first ,it is perfectly fine to make mistakes so never beat yourself over it.There’s two key words to keep in mind when starting a new project ,patience and perseverance .

This is a dress I made last summer,and so far one of my favorites .


There’s many other things I enjoy doing such as playing guitar and drawing,I haven’t done these in a while and I’m not an expert but I sure have a lot of fun doing them and I believe that’s all that matters in life , doing things you like doing ,nothing has to be perfect and you don’t need to be an expert at them,just be truthful to yourself and follow your heart and know your virtues and limitations.

Another one of my guilty pleasures is after a long day of work just come home in a cold day,or when I’m feeling blue is make a cup of coffee and curl up in my couch with my hubby and turn on a classic movie especially from the 30’s ,40’s ,50’s or 60’s ,these movies have the power to transport me to the era that I would have love to live in ,when people were gay instead of happy,everything was swell and girls dressed like ladies and put in the time and effort on pinning their hair before going to bed so their hair would be perfectly adorned with pin curls and victory rolls and their make up was simple but flawless and graceful and by saying this I don’t intend to put modern girls down ,this is my opinion only ,I believe everyone’s beautiful in their own way.I love Audrey Hepburn ,Bette Davis,Carole Lombard,Ginger Rogers , Betty Grable ,Grace Kelly ,Marilyn Monroe , Cary Grant and Frank Sinatra movies that’s only a portion of the classic actors I like, there’s many more that I can’t think of at the moment.


There’s something else that I surely enjoy .I really love going to thrift stores hunting for treasures ,this is something I haven’t done in a very long time,years to be exact .I used to go with my parents to different stores everyday ,It was just so amazing to browse through tons of stuff that you knew once was a part of someone elses story ,I hope that didn’t make me sound creepy or anything but to me thats what makes thrifting so interesting and exciting ,to be able to hold an item and wonder who it belonged to and to wonder and picture in your head how were the people that owned the object ,how did they look and if it held any important and special meaning to them and to know that this simple object has been in the life of people that you never got to meet , in the good and bad moments witnessing tears and smiles to stare at it and wonder why the previous owners decided to donate their once beloved items ,there’s a story behind each item that’s why thrifting is so thrilling to me .My goal is to collect more mid-century items ,at the moment I only own a couple .I’ll be doing my best to do this again.


Here’s a picture of my beautiful mid-century wall plaque dancers,I got these for a very reasonable price.


It was very nice to be able to share a little bit of my life with you in this entry,I’ll be publishing as much as possible,until next time.

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