July Glossybox Review


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog , as always I apologize for the late review of this month’s box but as I stated before I always seem to get it late in the month. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about this month’s box because I noticed that lately they have been including more trial size products in it .

The first product in the July’s box is the Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist , this is one of the full size items in this box . I was so thrilled about trying this product because my nails always seem to take forever to dry and even after hours of waiting for them to dry I always end up ruining them .This product claims to speed up the drying process and keep the nail polish smudge free for days , they recommend to spray directly onto nails after applying polish around 15cm away for 2-3 seconds .Even though I followed the instructions carefully this spray did not work for me , my nails seemed to be dry at first but then I realized my nail polish was smudged and not only a little bit but a lot , almost all of my nails . I was so bummed, maybe I did not apply enough product so I will definitely be giving it another try .

Full size $12.00 / one piece


The second product in this box is the Sinful Colors Sinfulshine Top Coat .I’ve used Sinful Colors before and all I got to say is that these products are very good , inexpensive and you can find them almost everywhere and they also come in a big variety of colors from classic red to bright blue . This formaldehyde free formula leaves nails super shiny making your nail polish last longer and dries completely in only a few minutes .So if you want a bang for your buck I recommend this product . This is also the second full size product in the box.

Full Size $3.00/0.5FL. OZ.



The third product in this box is the Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin . I’ve never been a fan of stick eyeshadow because they don’t last on at all, they crease badly and smudge . This eyeshadow is a pretty metallic iridescent tone that can be worn day or night , I swatched it on my hand because I don’t plan on keeping this product as I said I’m not a fan of this kind of eyeshadow and as I thought it came right off my hand . They recommend to blend it quickly with your fingertips after dabbing on your eyelids before the shadow sets .This was one of my least favorite products in the box and this is also another full size product .

Full Size $12.00/one piece


The fourth product in this box is the Fango Essenziali Moisturize treatment sheet mask . I’m not very happy everytime I get a sheet mask in this box because it’s a one time use product and I would prefer a product that I can use more than once such as lipstick mascara,etc .This refreshing mask is perfect for summer , it combines a cocktail of skin soothing ingredients such as avocado , kelp and acai berry to restore skin’s moisture even the most sensitive skin. I recommend this mask for people that suffer from dry patches and dull skin, this mask is amazing , it brought my skin back to life and made my face very smooth and gave me a radiant glow.

Full size $7.00/one mask

DSCF2446 (2)

The fifth product in this box is the Sabon Duo Body Lotion and shower oil in Delicate Jasmine.This product is one of the variations in the box , so this is not included in every box. They included the shower oil in mine ,It left my skin very smooth and refreshed with a light Jasmine scent .This product features natural oils rich in omega-3 as well as vitamin A and D that are derived from olives, avocados and jojoba .This product is a travel size.

Full Size $23.00/ 16.9oz


The last but not least product in this July’s box is the Glov Quick Treat ,this little makeup remover pad fits perfectly on your finger , made with innovative magnetic fibers removes make up only with water. Moisten the pad with water and remove your make up, I was surprised it worked good removing my make up nicely and gently and the best thing of all is that this pad can be reused , they recommend to hand wash it with soap after use and let it dry for reuse .

Full Size $5.00 / 1 piece


I hope you enjoy this late review , as always thanks for stopping by.

                                            Until next time

                                               Retro Baby Doll


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