Peruvian Stuffed Yellow Potatoes

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, today I wanted to share the recipe of a delicious and refreshing typical Peruvian dish which is perfect for any time of the year but especially for the warm months ahead  so if you are adventurous or are simply in the mood to try something different and new I can assure you this potato based cold dish is like nothing you have ever tried before I encourage you to try this recipe and surprise your family and friends , you won’t regret it .

This dish requires simple ingredients and the whole cooking time is approximately 2 hours and makes about 6 full portions

What you will need is :

– 12 small to medium size potatoes (I recommend Idaho or russet potatoes )

– 1 boneless chicken breast

– 1 small bag of frozen or steamed mixed vegetables ( carrots, corn, peas, green beans )

– 1 medium to large orange pepper

– 1 lime

fresh parsley (for garnish)

– 3 hard boiled eggs

-Olives (optional)

– oil of your choice ( vegetable or olive oil preferably)

– mayonaise

– salt and pepper

– potato masher

– blender

– platter


And salt , pepper and oil



Begin by boiling your potatoes in a large pan for about an hour or until tender (for this dish I like to boil my potatoes with the peel on to keep them from falling apart and getting soggy).

I boil my potatoes like this


In a medium pot put about 3/4 a cup of water and bring to boil ,once the water is boiling put your chicken breast in and let it boil for about 20 to 25 minutes ( a little longer if the chicken is frozen).

Lastly boil or steam you veggies until tender.

Once your potatoes ,chicken, and veggies are fully boiled let them cool down for a few minutes then start by peeling your potatoes once you have them all peeled mash them with a potato masher or fork ,think of it as if you were making mashed potatoes ,make them as smooth as possible and don’t be afraid of using your hands , work the potatoes as if they were dough and feel free to discard any hard pieces in them . Continue to work the potatoes with your hands until they are smooth and uniform.



Mashing potatoes with a fork


To achieve that yummy yellow color cut your orange pepper in half and remove all seeds then cut it up in small pieces (don’t forget to save a small piece of it for garnish )put the pepper in the blender and pour a little bit of oil and start blending away ,once you are done it should look like a pepper smoothie .

The pepper should look like this once cleaned


Don’t forget to save a piece about this size for garnish


Once blended the pepper should look like this


Proceed to mix the pepper blend with the potatoes and the juice of a whole lime .Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once you have your potatoes flavored and looking yellow divide them in two equal portions .


Grease your platter with a little oil to prevent the potatoes from sticking and falling apart when cutting. Spread the potatoes uniformly on the platter to form a thin layer .

Now is time to pull the chicken breast and mix it with the boiled veggies and a generous amount of mayonnaise .

Put this mix over the layer of potatoes ,spread  evenly enough to cover the whole potato layer .

Proceed to cover the chicken mix with another layer of potatoes and as you did before spread the potatoes evenly covering the chicken and veggies completely( the chicken mix should not show at all).

Pour a drop of oil over the potatoes and with a knife sculpt the potatoes like whipped frosting try to make it as smooth and even as possible .

Lastly cut your piece of pepper and parsley and decorate the potatoes .



Cut in equal size portions


 Serve with an egg halve and olive and enjoy.


I hope you liked this fun recipe , let me know if you tried it and loved it , as always thanks for stopping by .

                                                With love,

                                               Retro Baby Doll



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