The Dita Von Teese Perfumes Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog , today I want to talk about my favorite perfumes , the Dita Von Teese perfumes. First of all I want to say that I love Dita , her timeless beauty and glamour inspire me everyday . An ordinary girl from Michigan who became a fashion icon .
Last year , searching throught the internet I came across Dita’s perfumes and I knew I had to try them all. Luckily I found this little gift set trilogy of her first three fragrances and the price was a total steal . They arrived in this cute black lacey pouch that I love , everything about Dita is so glamorous and feminine . The perfume bottles are so gorgeous,  they look like jewels .

DSCF1985 (640x313)
The first fragance “Dita Von teese” was released on the fall of 2011 and it comes in an elegant thick black glass bottle , there’s three different presentations for this perfume the one included in the gift is a spray bottle , bullet shaped with beautifully ribbed glass and to top it off it has this beautiful black tassel with a red ball on the side.To release the spray you just pull this little metal piece like a grenade to turn you into a bombshell 😉
This perfume’s mood conjures the elegant sophistication and mystery of femininity .
The top notes are: Bourbon pepper , peony and bergamot .
The heart : bulgarian rose , Tahitian Tiare and jasmine .
And the base notes are: Guaiac wood, patchouli, sandalwood and musk .


DSCF1993 (640x422)


DSCF2004 (800x600)


I really like this fragrance ,it’s a strong musky yet classy and feminine scent ,every time I put it on makes me think of the the film noir femme fatale and makes me feel sexy , glamorous and empowering .

The Greatest Film Noir Femme Fatales:

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Since I liked this perfume very much I decided to purchase another gift set that included this full size perfume and body lotion , the full size bottle comes with a ball atomizer that I absolutely love , what could be more glamorous than that! .

Here’s a picture of the full size bottle.

veil - Copy (2).jpg
The second perfume in this gift set is “Rouge” and it was released on November 2012 .This one is my favorite from the set and as the name says it comes in a beautiful red diamond cut depression glass style bottle simulating a poison vial, a cute red velvet bow decorates the neck of the bottle , to release the spray just pull the little metal piece on the side .Instead of a tassel this bottle sports a delicate chains on the side.


DSCF1995 (800x717) (1)
This perfume’s mood is for the irresistibly sensual and confident seductress .
The top notes are: Bergamot, Lapsang souchong tea and pink pepper.
The heart: Amber ,guaiac wood and magnolia .
And the base notes are: Tonka bean , patchouli and sandalwood .
This is the first fragrance to contain Lapsang souchong tea as a component.



What makes this fragrance my favorite is that is the best of both worlds , it has a sweet yet strong and lingering sandalwood scent .This perfume is the essence of seduction and femininity in a bottle . Since I loved this perfume so very much I had to purchase the full size bottle also .

The third and last perfume in this gift set is “Fleur Teese” ,it was released on the spring of 2013. This is a fresh and romantic floral fragrance perfect for the spring and summer , it comes in a beautiful clear diamond cut glass bottle that simulates a poison vial as the other ones ,with a dark purple tassel as decoration , the bottle looks purple because the actual perfume is purple just like lilacs .


This perfume’s mood summons the flirtatious femininity and sensuality of spring.
The top notes are: Casablanca lily, jasmine sambac and bergamot .
The heart: Iris, heliotrope and purple lilac .
And the base notes are: Sandalwood, cedarwood and musk .

DSCF1990 (1024x690)

DSCF2006 (640x453)

This fragrance evokes the innocence of young and sweet love, it’s as refreshing as a spring day with the smell of blooming flowers in the air . Every time I put this perfume on I feel like I’m laying on a bed of beautiful flowers .I’m not a floral fragrance kind of girl but this one definitely takes the cake .
I hope you enjoyed this review , as always thanks for reading, until next time .

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