March Glossybox Review




Hello everyone and welcome to my blog , today I’m going to be talking about the March Glossybox , this month I’m pretty pleased with almost all the items in the box except for the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in the shade chihuahua , I think this shade is the only one for everyone and every box should include this particular lipstick.I was very turned off by the color It’s a weird brownish pale pink tone and , I won’t be swatching the lipstick on because I plan on giving it away or trading it for something else with anyone interested I know I would never wear it, I’m more into red and burgundy shades .This lipstick claims to be long wearing with the intense color of a lipstick and the high shine of a gloss .This product seems to be travel size.
Full Size $21.00/.40FL.OZ.



The second product in this months box is the Eyeko Eye Do Eyeliner ,this is my first favorite product in the box , this is a very dark carbon black shade which I love and the marker tip makes it so easy to apply so if you want to achieve that sharp cat eye you have always wished for this is the right product for you.This product also claims to promote fuller lashes .
Full Size $20.00/.07 FL. OZ.


Inky black eyeliner.



The third and second favorite product in this box is the Vine Vera Resverathol Merlot Moisture day cream,I’m so happy with this cream , it feels like butter when u apply not in the greasy sense I mean it melts on your face leaving it silky soft with a non greasy feeling , after only one use my skin already feels hydrated and revitalized,this product claims to set a barrier between your skin and outdoor damage protecting it and hydrating it .They included 2 little travel size pods .
Full Size: $146.00/1.83 FL. OZ.

The fourth product in this months box is the Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Face brush 504, this brush bristles are so very soft it feels like caressing your face with velvet , this brush claims to be design to fit the natural contours of the face making it ideal for contouring and highlighting for a trace free smooth finish.I will be using this product exclusively for powder blush ,I never do contouring because I already have very prominent cheek bones so I feel that contouring would only make them more visible , I even have to be very light handed when applying blush and try to stay away from dark blush tones .
Full Size: $16.00/one piece


Super soft contouring brush.

The last but not least product in this march box is the I love cosmetics super soft hand lotion,the one in the product information card is coconut and cream scent but the one I got is the raspberry and blackberry scent one , I’m very happy with this one because I absolutely love berries 🙂 , berries are my favorite fruits , this lotion smells great and leaves my dry working hands feeling alive , hydrated and super soft . I’m always happy to receive a hand lotion , I think everyone should always keep one in their purse.This product is also full size.
Full Size $6.00/ 2.5 FL. OZ.


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I hope you enjoyed this little review , thank you for reading , until next time.

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