August Glossybox Review

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog, today I’m going to be reviewing this months Glossybox. when I opened the box I was kind of surprised with the new and improved information card ,instead of a card it’s more of a booklet and double the size of the original information card.


The first product in this months box is the Wella professionals Oil reflections smoothing oil ,I was very happy about getting this product because I love hair oil , I use it everyday to tame frizz and sleek my hair especially in summer. This product smells delicious and leaves hair shiny and frizz free ,this Wella oil also brought back some childhood memories , when I was a child my mom used to wash my hair with Wella products all the time , I used them for years and loved them and their fruity smell. This lightweight hair oil is formulated with macadamia seed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E. This product claims to make natural or colored hair shiny and smooth. They included a full size.

Full size: $20.00/ 1.0FL.OZ.


The second product in this box is the De Bruyère After Sun Lotion Monoi. This lotion leaves skin feeling very hydrated and supple and smelling like fresh coconut . This after-sun milk claims to calm skin, nourish and protect skin that’s been weakend after sun exposure. This product is enriched in Monoi which are Tiaré flower petals that have been soaked in coconut oil .This product is also a full size.

Full size:$12.00/1.7FL.OZ.


The third product in the August box is the Two Faced Mascara melt off cleansing oil/Waterproof mascara dissolver, I was so excited about this product because I always seemed to have such a hard time removing my waterproof mascara no matter what I used to remove my makeup I would still wake up every morning with raccoon eyes .This mascara claims to effortlessly remove stubborn regular or waterproof mascara without the need of rubbing or tugging. I’m very pleased with this product, it works wonders and leaves absolutely no trace of mascara so if you are tired of raccoon eyes kiss them goodbye with this product .They included a travel size .

Full Size:$17.00/.23FL.OZ.


The fourth product in this month’s box is the invisibobble Original- Hair Traceless Ring,I came across this kind of product before and had no idea it was meant to tighten your hair , it looks very unusual and it kind of reminds me of those little spiral key holders . I’m actually quite surprised with the results as it does what it claims to do ,keeping hair up and in place without denting or breaking hair . It’s very nice they included 3 in the little package , this is also a full size.

Full size: $8.00/ 3 pieces

The fifth product in this box is the Trifle Cosmetics Lip parfait Buttery Lip Cream, in Guilty Pug , this product is my absolute favorite from this month’s box, even though I wasn’t very thrilled about the shade , the lipstick tube is so adorable that I decided to be adventurous and try this lipstick shade . I’m a red lipstick kinda girl but I found this shade quite cute and flattering ,this lipstick makes me think of a peachy 60’s lipstick and it feels very smooth on the lips and leaves them very hydrated . I know there were 2 variations of this product for each box but I’m so glad I got this cute Guilty pug shade , this has to be the cutest lipstick tube I’ ve ever owned.

Full Size: $19.00/One piece



The sixth and final product of this August box is the one with the most variations , each box would recieve 1 of 5 different Borguese products , the one I received was the Body Refining polish , this sugar based exfoliant gently foaming body polish refines and buffs to provide exfoliation without irritation ,it claims to help skin appear softer and healthier with a dewy glow . This product left my skin feeling fresh , renewed and very smooth to the touch ,they included a travel size.

Full Size :$49.00/ 8.0 OZ.


I hope you enjoy this little review , as always thank you for passing by…

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July Glossybox Review


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog , as always I apologize for the late review of this month’s box but as I stated before I always seem to get it late in the month. To be honest I wasn’t that excited about this month’s box because I noticed that lately they have been including more trial size products in it .

The first product in the July’s box is the Leighton Denny Expert Nails Miracle Mist , this is one of the full size items in this box . I was so thrilled about trying this product because my nails always seem to take forever to dry and even after hours of waiting for them to dry I always end up ruining them .This product claims to speed up the drying process and keep the nail polish smudge free for days , they recommend to spray directly onto nails after applying polish around 15cm away for 2-3 seconds .Even though I followed the instructions carefully this spray did not work for me , my nails seemed to be dry at first but then I realized my nail polish was smudged and not only a little bit but a lot , almost all of my nails . I was so bummed, maybe I did not apply enough product so I will definitely be giving it another try .

Full size $12.00 / one piece


The second product in this box is the Sinful Colors Sinfulshine Top Coat .I’ve used Sinful Colors before and all I got to say is that these products are very good , inexpensive and you can find them almost everywhere and they also come in a big variety of colors from classic red to bright blue . This formaldehyde free formula leaves nails super shiny making your nail polish last longer and dries completely in only a few minutes .So if you want a bang for your buck I recommend this product . This is also the second full size product in the box.

Full Size $3.00/0.5FL. OZ.



The third product in this box is the Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin . I’ve never been a fan of stick eyeshadow because they don’t last on at all, they crease badly and smudge . This eyeshadow is a pretty metallic iridescent tone that can be worn day or night , I swatched it on my hand because I don’t plan on keeping this product as I said I’m not a fan of this kind of eyeshadow and as I thought it came right off my hand . They recommend to blend it quickly with your fingertips after dabbing on your eyelids before the shadow sets .This was one of my least favorite products in the box and this is also another full size product .

Full Size $12.00/one piece


The fourth product in this box is the Fango Essenziali Moisturize treatment sheet mask . I’m not very happy everytime I get a sheet mask in this box because it’s a one time use product and I would prefer a product that I can use more than once such as lipstick mascara,etc .This refreshing mask is perfect for summer , it combines a cocktail of skin soothing ingredients such as avocado , kelp and acai berry to restore skin’s moisture even the most sensitive skin. I recommend this mask for people that suffer from dry patches and dull skin, this mask is amazing , it brought my skin back to life and made my face very smooth and gave me a radiant glow.

Full size $7.00/one mask

DSCF2446 (2)

The fifth product in this box is the Sabon Duo Body Lotion and shower oil in Delicate Jasmine.This product is one of the variations in the box , so this is not included in every box. They included the shower oil in mine ,It left my skin very smooth and refreshed with a light Jasmine scent .This product features natural oils rich in omega-3 as well as vitamin A and D that are derived from olives, avocados and jojoba .This product is a travel size.

Full Size $23.00/ 16.9oz


The last but not least product in this July’s box is the Glov Quick Treat ,this little makeup remover pad fits perfectly on your finger , made with innovative magnetic fibers removes make up only with water. Moisten the pad with water and remove your make up, I was surprised it worked good removing my make up nicely and gently and the best thing of all is that this pad can be reused , they recommend to hand wash it with soap after use and let it dry for reuse .

Full Size $5.00 / 1 piece


I hope you enjoy this late review , as always thanks for stopping by.

                                            Until next time

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Peruvian Stuffed Yellow Potatoes

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, today I wanted to share the recipe of a delicious and refreshing typical Peruvian dish which is perfect for any time of the year but especially for the warm months ahead  so if you are adventurous or are simply in the mood to try something different and new I can assure you this potato based cold dish is like nothing you have ever tried before I encourage you to try this recipe and surprise your family and friends , you won’t regret it .

This dish requires simple ingredients and the whole cooking time is approximately 2 hours and makes about 6 full portions

What you will need is :

– 12 small to medium size potatoes (I recommend Idaho or russet potatoes )

– 1 boneless chicken breast

– 1 small bag of frozen or steamed mixed vegetables ( carrots, corn, peas, green beans )

– 1 medium to large orange pepper

– 1 lime

fresh parsley (for garnish)

– 3 hard boiled eggs

-Olives (optional)

– oil of your choice ( vegetable or olive oil preferably)

– mayonaise

– salt and pepper

– potato masher

– blender

– platter


And salt , pepper and oil



Begin by boiling your potatoes in a large pan for about an hour or until tender (for this dish I like to boil my potatoes with the peel on to keep them from falling apart and getting soggy).

I boil my potatoes like this


In a medium pot put about 3/4 a cup of water and bring to boil ,once the water is boiling put your chicken breast in and let it boil for about 20 to 25 minutes ( a little longer if the chicken is frozen).

Lastly boil or steam you veggies until tender.

Once your potatoes ,chicken, and veggies are fully boiled let them cool down for a few minutes then start by peeling your potatoes once you have them all peeled mash them with a potato masher or fork ,think of it as if you were making mashed potatoes ,make them as smooth as possible and don’t be afraid of using your hands , work the potatoes as if they were dough and feel free to discard any hard pieces in them . Continue to work the potatoes with your hands until they are smooth and uniform.



Mashing potatoes with a fork


To achieve that yummy yellow color cut your orange pepper in half and remove all seeds then cut it up in small pieces (don’t forget to save a small piece of it for garnish )put the pepper in the blender and pour a little bit of oil and start blending away ,once you are done it should look like a pepper smoothie .

The pepper should look like this once cleaned


Don’t forget to save a piece about this size for garnish


Once blended the pepper should look like this


Proceed to mix the pepper blend with the potatoes and the juice of a whole lime .Add salt and pepper to taste.

Once you have your potatoes flavored and looking yellow divide them in two equal portions .


Grease your platter with a little oil to prevent the potatoes from sticking and falling apart when cutting. Spread the potatoes uniformly on the platter to form a thin layer .

Now is time to pull the chicken breast and mix it with the boiled veggies and a generous amount of mayonnaise .

Put this mix over the layer of potatoes ,spread  evenly enough to cover the whole potato layer .

Proceed to cover the chicken mix with another layer of potatoes and as you did before spread the potatoes evenly covering the chicken and veggies completely( the chicken mix should not show at all).

Pour a drop of oil over the potatoes and with a knife sculpt the potatoes like whipped frosting try to make it as smooth and even as possible .

Lastly cut your piece of pepper and parsley and decorate the potatoes .



Cut in equal size portions


 Serve with an egg halve and olive and enjoy.


I hope you liked this fun recipe , let me know if you tried it and loved it , as always thanks for stopping by .

                                                With love,

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May Glossybox Review

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, today I’m going to review the May’s Glossybox. Once again I apologize for the late review of this month’s box but I just received it a few days ago and I still wanted to share my thoughts about it with everyone. I was a bit disappointed with the contents in this box, especially the size ,but there were still a couple of products that I really liked.

The first product in this May’s box is the Ritual’s Cosmetics shower foam in Tai Chi. I really love these products , another one of these was included in another Glossybox last year and I really loved it the only thing is that they gave us a full size of the product back then 😦 I guess we didn’t get so lucky this time, but even though the one included in this month’s box is not full size you can still get a few uses out of it and enjoy it ,smells delicious and leaves skin feeling hydrated and very smooth to the touch ( my husband kept telling me how silky smooth my skin felt after using this).

Focusing on Eastern traditions this foaming shower gel combines natural ingredients including White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren to hydrate and smooth skin.

And the Full Size is $15.00/6.7 FL. OZ.


The second product in this box is the Versaspa Face Moisturizing Gradual Tanner and is my least favorite in this box simply because I’m not a big fan of tanning and I find it kind of strange to use a tanning product just on my face so I won’t be testing it, I will give it away to a friend.This self tanner claims to be the healthy alternative to tanning , hydrating the skin while creating a healthy glow and the Full Size is $35.00/2.0 OZ.


The third product in this box is the Nioxin System 1 Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Conditioner for normal to thin looking hair ,this product claims to remove oil that clogs hair follicles and environmental residues from the scalp . They included 2 little sample size bottles one of shampoo and one of conditioner, I really liked this stuffed , it left my scalp feeling refreshed and my hair very smooth and shiny and smelling like fresh lemons .The full size system kit retails for $49.00.

The fourth product in the box is the Talika Photo-Hydra Day and this is the only full size product we got in this month’s box , this face specific moisturizer claims to be the 1st cream inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy using energy from light to moisturize the skin. Hydra Day utilizes an amino acid that recreates the effects of natural light to the skin so you can have a summer glow all year long. This is one of my favorite products in this months box , because it makes my face look radiant and glowy while feeling very hydrated all day long. I recommend this cream to everyone ,especially for the ones with dull or dry skin ,this product will definitely bring your skin back to life and it retails for $29.00/1.0FL.OZ.

The last and my personal favorite product in the May’s glossybox is the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Super Curling and lifting mascara {can’t go wrong with mascara ;)} ,this mascara is inspired by hair rollers and the wand features custome design hooks that separate, lift and curl lashes for a finish that lasts for up to 12 hours. I absolutely love this mascara it makes my lashes look very long and perfectly curled and with this mascara I don’t feel the need to wear false lashes, because it simply makes my eyes pop. I recommend this product to everyone, unfortunately we only got a sample size .The full size retails for for $24.00 /0.3 FL. OZ.


This picture doesn’t do the mascara much justice but here it is…


If you wish to subscribe for the Glossybox go to GLOSSYBOX

I hope you enjoyed this review , thanks for passing by . Until next time.

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A late review of the April Glossybox


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, I know it’s the end of the month but I still wanted to share my thoughts about the products in this box. The first product in this box was the Alterna Haircare Caviar CC cream Extra Hold . I was quite disappointed when I received this product in the box because other costumers got a mini perfume instead and I was 100% sure everyone was getting the same product but as I said in a past review there’s always variations of at least one product in each box, I can’t deny I was still thrilled to try out this hair CC cream out . This is a 10 in 1 styling product , it protects and improves your hair and keeps your hairstyle in place . I got the extra hold one for thick hair ,which was perfect for my hair(bingo ;). I used it for a wet pin curl set and it worked like a charm ,left my hair super soft ,shiny and smelling delicious. Unfortunately this product was sample size and the full size retails for $25.00FL.OZ.


The second product in this months box is the Studio 10 Brow Lift Perfecting liner ,this double -sided brow liner highlights and naturally defines the eyebrows with a universal shade . This pencil’s formula is creamy and easy to apply and more than a pencil it feels more like an eyebrow wax when applying ,I’m very happy with the results, my eyebrows looked nice and defined the whole day , I only wish there was more color selection because I normally like to wear a stronger darker brow , I find this shade a bit too light for my dark hair so I do not recommend this pencil for dark brunettes or raven haired girls but even though I’m not a big fan of the shade I would still purchase it because for every pencil sold Studio 10 donates 100% of its profits to “Look Good Feel Better”, a charity which supports women with cancer ,there’s nothing better than buying cosmetics for a good cause and the full size retails for $20.00/one piece.

This is how the brow liner looks on, It’s obviously too light in comparison to my hair.



The third product in this box was the Biossance ,the nourisher,precious rose face oil. I absolutely love this products on my skin ,this is the second one I got in the box since I started my subscription and all I can say is this products are great for any type of skin ,especially dry skin. I like to apply it in the morning or before bed on my freshly washed face and if you tend to get some dry patches on your face like I do I recommend pouring a drop of oil directly on the dry patch, massage gently with your finger tip and then wipe off with a tissue or pad the excess oil in circular motions and tada! the dry patch is gone.(this is a great way to get rid of stubborn dry patches on your face before applying foundation).This luxurious face oil is designed to keep skin radiant and supple with a dynamic blend of ingredients to boost collagen production while locking in essential moisture for skin so that it looks firm,hydrated and smooth with a healthy glow. This product is non toxic and it’s free of synthetic fragance,parabens and mineral oil. One of the things I love about this product is that it comes with a dropper for an effortless application.

Full size retails for $72.00/1.0.OZ.


The fourth product in this box is the Unani Dermo Defense face mask,this product claims to protect and hydrate skin while removing impurities,right after using this product I could see the difference ,it left my skin feeling smooth ,hydrated and glowing. If you got dry skin like I do I recommend just rinsing your face off with loop warm water rather than using a toner to remove this product off of your face ,because I found that the toner took away some of the moisture of my face. This mask is recommended to use once or twice a week and fortunately the one included in the box is a full size and it retails for $18.00/3.4FL.OZ.


The last but not least product in this box is the Leighton Denny Expert Nails nail polish in the shade Pillow Talk, this is my second favorite product in the box ,this berry red is one of my favorite shades of red ,it’s just perfect for any season and time of the day and it goes good with everything,you can never go wrong with a deep red nail polish, it adds sophistication and glamour to any style . The nail polish lasted a decent bit without chipping,I would say about a week and that’s a lot considering I’m always doing something crafty ,sewing or dishes. This product is a full size and it retails for $19.00/0.4OZ.

Overall I liked every product in this months box and I’m very happy with the results ,if you are curious about this box and you’d like to start your glossybox subscription click on the link below, I hope you enjoyed this review and as always thanks for reading,until next time.

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It Cosmetics CC+ Cream and Bye Bye under eye concealer review

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, today I’m going to be reviewing the IT Cosmetics cc cream and bye bye under eye concealer .For years and years I was in the search for the perfect foundation and concealer ,I tried a lot of different brands and formulas that promised to cover imperfections and give you a flawless look, but unfortunately the results always seemed to be the same ,right after the application make up would only make my dry patches more visible and it would sink in my pores so horribly. The concealer would crease right away and dry out my under eye area so bad that sometimes I had to wipe the concealer off completely, put under eye cream on, and reapply concealer again after a bit. At the end of the day my sensitive skin would only be itchy and irritated when I noticed my skin going from bad to worse I noticed I didn’t only need foundation,I needed something more, something that would improve , heal and protect my skin while wearing it .Until one day scrolling down my facebook news feed I seen a post from the beautiful Pinup model and Fashion designer Bernie Dexter raving about IT Cosmetics ,that’s when I started my research about IT cosmetics ,I found the site and decided to order. I came across 2 kinds of CC creams ,one to give an illumination effect and the other one for a matte finish, I was so bummed to find out that the matte finish in fair was out of stock but since I really wanted to try it I decided to order the one for illumination in the fair shade. At the time I ordered they had this great sale going on you got the CC cream and foundation brush both for $38.00 the full size CC cream retails for $38.00 and the brush for Heavenly Luxe plush paddle foundation brush retails for $48.00 so it was a total steal!!!.

I didn’t take a picture of it but the best thing is that this foundation comes with a pump 🙂

Here’s a picture of the super soft Heavenly Luxe Plush Paddle Foundation Brush.


So when I finally got my CC cream and  put it on I realized the illumination effect wasn’t what I was looking for ,it looked kinda sparkly on my skin and made me look like a fairy so I sent it back and waited until they restocked the regular CC cream. I was kind of skeptical at first but since the moment I tried this one on I fell in love, this CC cream feels so great and light on my skin and with only a little bit it evens my skin tone making it look and feel softer and to my surprise I noticed my redness ,dry patches and pores were not noticeable anymore . I find that this foundation stays on for hours and you do not need to apply primer before hand .

The first picture below is me with no make up , and the second is after applying the CC+cream and the Bye Bye under eye concealer.

All I need for my whole face are 2 pea sizes of CC+ cream


One of the best things about this product is the benefits you get from using it .This CC cream claims to be color correcting give full coverage and a couple of its ingredients are anti-aging(can never go wrong there 😉 hydrating serum and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad spectrum and it’s chemical -filter free and paraben free.I was so pleased with this product that I decided to order the bye bye under eye concealer and the heavenly luxe dual airbrush concealer #2 brush .


This is the Heavenly Luxe Dual airbrush concealer #2


I 0nly need a drop like the picture below for each eye,(this concealer is very thick)



I’m very happy with the results ,as the name says it’s your skin but better 🙂

Just as the CC+ cream this product didn’t disappoint me .This is the only concealer that does not crease and dry my under eye area at all!!!. This concealer claims to be full coverage waterproof and contains hydro-collage, vitamins C and K and retails for $24.00.

If you wish to buy this products go to  It Cosmetics

.Thanks to this great products my search is over and I’ll never go back to regular foundation again.I hope you enjoyed this review,thanks for reading, until next time. au revoir!

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The Dita Von Teese Perfumes Review

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog , today I want to talk about my favorite perfumes , the Dita Von Teese perfumes. First of all I want to say that I love Dita , her timeless beauty and glamour inspire me everyday . An ordinary girl from Michigan who became a fashion icon .
Last year , searching throught the internet I came across Dita’s perfumes and I knew I had to try them all. Luckily I found this little gift set trilogy of her first three fragrances and the price was a total steal . They arrived in this cute black lacey pouch that I love , everything about Dita is so glamorous and feminine . The perfume bottles are so gorgeous,  they look like jewels .

DSCF1985 (640x313)
The first fragance “Dita Von teese” was released on the fall of 2011 and it comes in an elegant thick black glass bottle , there’s three different presentations for this perfume the one included in the gift is a spray bottle , bullet shaped with beautifully ribbed glass and to top it off it has this beautiful black tassel with a red ball on the side.To release the spray you just pull this little metal piece like a grenade to turn you into a bombshell 😉
This perfume’s mood conjures the elegant sophistication and mystery of femininity .
The top notes are: Bourbon pepper , peony and bergamot .
The heart : bulgarian rose , Tahitian Tiare and jasmine .
And the base notes are: Guaiac wood, patchouli, sandalwood and musk .


DSCF1993 (640x422)


DSCF2004 (800x600)


I really like this fragrance ,it’s a strong musky yet classy and feminine scent ,every time I put it on makes me think of the the film noir femme fatale and makes me feel sexy , glamorous and empowering .

The Greatest Film Noir Femme Fatales:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Since I liked this perfume very much I decided to purchase another gift set that included this full size perfume and body lotion , the full size bottle comes with a ball atomizer that I absolutely love , what could be more glamorous than that! .

Here’s a picture of the full size bottle.

veil - Copy (2).jpg
The second perfume in this gift set is “Rouge” and it was released on November 2012 .This one is my favorite from the set and as the name says it comes in a beautiful red diamond cut depression glass style bottle simulating a poison vial, a cute red velvet bow decorates the neck of the bottle , to release the spray just pull the little metal piece on the side .Instead of a tassel this bottle sports a delicate chains on the side.


DSCF1995 (800x717) (1)
This perfume’s mood is for the irresistibly sensual and confident seductress .
The top notes are: Bergamot, Lapsang souchong tea and pink pepper.
The heart: Amber ,guaiac wood and magnolia .
And the base notes are: Tonka bean , patchouli and sandalwood .
This is the first fragrance to contain Lapsang souchong tea as a component.



What makes this fragrance my favorite is that is the best of both worlds , it has a sweet yet strong and lingering sandalwood scent .This perfume is the essence of seduction and femininity in a bottle . Since I loved this perfume so very much I had to purchase the full size bottle also .

The third and last perfume in this gift set is “Fleur Teese” ,it was released on the spring of 2013. This is a fresh and romantic floral fragrance perfect for the spring and summer , it comes in a beautiful clear diamond cut glass bottle that simulates a poison vial as the other ones ,with a dark purple tassel as decoration , the bottle looks purple because the actual perfume is purple just like lilacs .


This perfume’s mood summons the flirtatious femininity and sensuality of spring.
The top notes are: Casablanca lily, jasmine sambac and bergamot .
The heart: Iris, heliotrope and purple lilac .
And the base notes are: Sandalwood, cedarwood and musk .

DSCF1990 (1024x690)

DSCF2006 (640x453)

This fragrance evokes the innocence of young and sweet love, it’s as refreshing as a spring day with the smell of blooming flowers in the air . Every time I put this perfume on I feel like I’m laying on a bed of beautiful flowers .I’m not a floral fragrance kind of girl but this one definitely takes the cake .
I hope you enjoyed this review , as always thanks for reading, until next time .

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March Glossybox Review




Hello everyone and welcome to my blog , today I’m going to be talking about the March Glossybox , this month I’m pretty pleased with almost all the items in the box except for the Too Faced Melted liquid lipstick in the shade chihuahua , I think this shade is the only one for everyone and every box should include this particular lipstick.I was very turned off by the color It’s a weird brownish pale pink tone and , I won’t be swatching the lipstick on because I plan on giving it away or trading it for something else with anyone interested I know I would never wear it, I’m more into red and burgundy shades .This lipstick claims to be long wearing with the intense color of a lipstick and the high shine of a gloss .This product seems to be travel size.
Full Size $21.00/.40FL.OZ.



The second product in this months box is the Eyeko Eye Do Eyeliner ,this is my first favorite product in the box , this is a very dark carbon black shade which I love and the marker tip makes it so easy to apply so if you want to achieve that sharp cat eye you have always wished for this is the right product for you.This product also claims to promote fuller lashes .
Full Size $20.00/.07 FL. OZ.


Inky black eyeliner.



The third and second favorite product in this box is the Vine Vera Resverathol Merlot Moisture day cream,I’m so happy with this cream , it feels like butter when u apply not in the greasy sense I mean it melts on your face leaving it silky soft with a non greasy feeling , after only one use my skin already feels hydrated and revitalized,this product claims to set a barrier between your skin and outdoor damage protecting it and hydrating it .They included 2 little travel size pods .
Full Size: $146.00/1.83 FL. OZ.

The fourth product in this months box is the Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Face brush 504, this brush bristles are so very soft it feels like caressing your face with velvet , this brush claims to be design to fit the natural contours of the face making it ideal for contouring and highlighting for a trace free smooth finish.I will be using this product exclusively for powder blush ,I never do contouring because I already have very prominent cheek bones so I feel that contouring would only make them more visible , I even have to be very light handed when applying blush and try to stay away from dark blush tones .
Full Size: $16.00/one piece


Super soft contouring brush.

The last but not least product in this march box is the I love cosmetics super soft hand lotion,the one in the product information card is coconut and cream scent but the one I got is the raspberry and blackberry scent one , I’m very happy with this one because I absolutely love berries 🙂 , berries are my favorite fruits , this lotion smells great and leaves my dry working hands feeling alive , hydrated and super soft . I’m always happy to receive a hand lotion , I think everyone should always keep one in their purse.This product is also full size.
Full Size $6.00/ 2.5 FL. OZ.


If you wish to subscribe go to

I hope you enjoyed this little review , thank you for reading , until next time.

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